Baseball is a game, but it's a game of rules. There are lots of them, and you'll enjoy the game more if you know what they are. Please look on the right for rules information and forms you might need throughout the season. 




No matter where you have played baseball before, you are almost guaranteed to run into a rule that you might never have seen before. Because we have multiple divisions with kids ranging form age 3 to 12, there are different rules to govern and protect them at all levels. 

We have a full staff of trained umpires who will make sure your child is treated fairly and safely throughout the season. Nevertheless, you may find yourself confused at certain points in the season. You might find a voice in your head (and hopefully not your mouth...) screaming...

What do you mean he's safe? He only made it halfway down the baseline!
Why is my kid out at second? He slid in headfirst and was safe!
That coach didn't say a word! Why is he getting kicked out? He was just walking around.

Every division has weird quirks that can be really confusing. What’s more, we have local rules that sometimes supersede other rules. 

Our Umpire in Chief Michael Daniels is a 26-year veteran of the league. If you have questions, he can answer them.


Want to test your knowledge of Little League rules? Take this very short quiz to check yourself.



At some point, you will run into a rule like that is clearly different from Major League rules. Have a look and learn about what is obstruction and what is not. 

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