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Dec, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

As you prepare to register your child for Northwood Little League, please familiarize yourself with these frequently asked questions about our Spring season and what the answers mean for you and your players.


Q. What night/time will our team play?

A. The schedule for the season will not be determined until late February, but you should be prepared to play on every day of the week except Sunday. That night could vary each week, and you should expect to play more than one game per week.


Q. Where will our games be played?

A. All baseball games will be at Corey Burns Park in Taylors. Softball games will be at Corey Burns and other Greenville County facilities.


Q. Can I request a particular teammate or coach?

A. This request is not available to most players in the spring. Only Wee Ball and Tee Ball players can request teammates and coaches. We cannot guarantee all requests will be granted.


Q. How much does the season cost?

A. Our spring season costs $160. If you register before December 31, you will receive a $10 per player discount. If you register after January 16, there will be a $10 per player late fee.


Q. What equipment will I need to provide?

A. Players must provide their own USA Little League-approved bats, a baseball glove, and a batting helmet. We recommend plastic or rubber baseball cleats, but they are not required. Northwood will provide jerseys and pants for players (Wee Ball players will only receive a jersey).


Q. When will the season begin and how long will it last?

A. Players should be prepared to attend evaluations on February 4 (Majors) and February 5 (Coach Pitch and Minors). Note: Wee Ball and Tee Ball players will not be evaluated and do not need to attend evaluations. Practices are scheduled to begin the week of February 14. You will receive a practice schedule the weekend prior. Games will begin in early March and last through May.


Q. How do I know if I’m in your Little League boundaries?

A. Visit the Little League League Finder and enter your address. That page will confirm whether you are eligible to play in our league. The only exception: if your child’s school is inside our boundaries, you can obtain a waiver to play with is. You can download that form within our registration process.


Q. My player is very advanced. Can he/she play up in the next division?

A. In the spring season, this will not be an available option with the exception of very advanced Tee Ball players who seek to play in the Coach Pitch division. In this circumstance, a Tee Ball player may ask to be evaluated at Coach Pitch evaluations. The division director will make the final determination and that decision will be final.


Q. I am interested in coaching. What do I do?

A. During the registration process, complete the volunteer section and sign up for Manager or Assistant Coach. Please note, if you hope to coach, you must sign up before January 16. We have limited space for coaches, and not all coaching requests will be granted.


Q. What COVID-19 precautions is Northwood planning?

A. Like you, we are hoping conditions have improved enough by the time the season starts that we can have a completely normal season. However, in the event we need to take precautions as we did during our Fall Season, we will follow the accepted government recommendations to make sure our players and families are safe.



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