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Aug, 2020


We are excited to announce that Northwood Little League is planning to resume Little League activities for this upcoming fall season. 

As we return to play, Northwood Little League will continue to follow guidance from Little League International and Greenville County Recreation as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These uncertain times require us to adapt and make changes as conditions evolve.  The NWLL Board of Directors will continue to monitor conditions and make revisions as necessary.  The health and safety of our players, coaches, umpires, volunteers, and fans is a top priority. 

Anyone with any of the following conditions should not attend a practice or game until evaluated by a medical provider and given clearance to do so:
●      Active COVID-19 infection
●      Known direct contact with an individual testing positive for COVID-19
●      Fever
●      Cough
●      Those at higher risk for severe disease should consider consultation with their medical provider before attending a game and should ensure the strictest adherence to guidelines regarding face coverings, distancing, and handwashing. 

Below are the changes we are making to improve the experience for players, coaches, umpires, volunteers and fans:

Teams (Baseball & Softball)

●      The number of players per team reduced as follows:
o   Wee Ball and Tee Ball = 8 players maximum (baseball only, no softball)
o   CP/Minors/Majors = 11 players maximum
●      Players are required to use their own equipment. No sharing of water bottles
●      Multiple catcher’s face masks and/or sanitizing equipment will be provided to teams
●      Coaches, Umpires and volunteers will wear face mask while on field and whenever within 6 feet of players
●      Umpires will call balls/strikes from behind the pitcher for the minors and majors divisions
●      Players and coaches should take measures to prevent player contact, this includes post-game handshakes and team celebrations.  Following a game, teams will line up outside respective dugout and tip cap to other players
●      Teams cannot arrive to park more than 15 minutes before scheduled practice/game time
●      Teams will meet in designated area and not enter field of play until previous team leaves field
●      Games will be scheduled with a 30 minute buffer to allow for individuals to properly enter/exit with social distancing
●      Game warm-ups will take place on the field


●      Adhere to all Return to Play Protocols
●      Wash hands thoroughly before and after practice and games
●      Wash and sanitize training equipment after each use
●      Do not share water bottles or equipment
●      Respect and practice social distancing
●      Place equipment, bags, etc. at least 6ft apart (markings will be placed on fence outside the dugouts and down the foul lines to indicate where players bags can be placed)
●      No high fives, handshakes, knuckles, or group celebrations


●      Creating an expanded player-only zone behind dugouts and along foul lines (area will be roped off to identify where players/coaches only are allowed)
●      Batting cages are closed until further notice – This includes practice and pregame warmup
●      Bleachers are closed to all individuals.  It is recommended that fans bring own seating
●      Greenville County is adding additional cleaning procedures to bathrooms with regards to sanitation
●      Concessions will only provide individually wrapped, pre-prepared foods for sale.  Workers will follow guidelines and recommendations regarding gloves and sanitation
●      Markings will be placed on the ground to indicate the 6-ft social distancing outside of both concessions and the bathrooms
●      The picnic area will be roped off and closedSpectators:
●      Greenville County is following recommendations by State government to minimize crowds and congestion
●      Expected that all spectators will adhere to current social distancing guidelines
●      Please limit spectators to 2 adults per player
●      Bleachers are closed to all individuals.  It is recommended to bring own seating
●      Game times will be staggered and spectators should remain in car until 5 minutes before game time

Positive test Protocol

In the event a player, coach or parent of a player tests positive for COVID-19, the following procedures will be in place:
●      Parent(s) will notify the coach and remove the player from the team activities immediately, until medically cleared to return to play (or until quarantine time runs out and no further symptoms are present).
●      Coach will notify the League Director and team that a player has tested positive, the player’s name will not be released to the team or league.
●      League Director will notify the League President and the situation will be monitored
●      All teams and games will continue as scheduled Cancellation Schedule and RefundsIn the event COVID-19 requires the League to end the season early or completely shut down, the following will be in place:
●      If the practices/games are cancelled and NO uniforms have been distributed, a full refund will be given to each player/family
●      If games begin, a refund will be addressed on a pro-rata basis
●      Absolutely no refunds will be given for a player or parent who contracts COVID-19 and misses games due to the virus. It will only be a league wide decision should we have to make the decision to shut down or cancel. 

These are our procedures and protocols as of today.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that things change daily. The Northwood Little League Board will review these policies and monitor the current situation as it relates to COVID-19 on a monthly basis. If changes need to be made or other issues addressed, we will continue to do so. 

We look forward to having each family be a part of the Northwood Little League family this fall season.  

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