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May, 2018

Outfielder saves the day

Just a couple of weeks ago, a Northwood Hot Rods outfielder made some quick decisions that helped save his family from disaster.

Conor Kennan's mother was dealing with health issues and stuck in bed. His father had just finished making some french fries for the family before dozing off, too. He was sure he'd turned off the burner, but it was a new stove. Conor's dad was wrong. The burner was on.

So, when the grease caught fire in the kitchen, only Conor was left to save the day. He ran through the house screaming "Fire!" He got everyone out of bed, grabbed their little dog Snowball, and escaped outside.

Conor's dad managed to put out the fire and save the house (but not some of the kitchen which suffered some damage). Conor's dad credits this Hot Rod with saving his family, and that's why Conor Kennan is this week's Family Dental Health Northwood Core Player. Thanks, Conor, for representing our organization so well.


A Family Dental Health Northwood Core Player is one who has found a way to best represent Northwood Little League's core values both on and off the field. For more on the criteria and nomination process, please write us at [email protected].

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