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Nov, 2017

America's Funniest Northwood Videos

This week won't mark the first time Northwood Little League has appeared on national television (see: 2015 Little League World Series...), but it will probably be the funniest appearance our Little Leaguers have ever made. This Sunday (November 5) at 8pm ET, you'll see the footage in all its creamy glory on ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos

As you hopefully already know, Northwood's 2017 Coaches Pitch team won the South Carolina state championship. Along the way, the kids and parents had more than a little fun. In addition to piling up banners and victories, they also...well, they also threw pies. 

See, the intention here was to hit Coach Brent Busha smack-dab in the kisser with a cream pie. That's the kind of thing a kid might want to do after working his tail off for weeks to win a big title. 

Thing is...Busha had a different idea, and that resulted in standout centerfielder Reeves Israel catching something more than a pop fly. 

You can see it for yourself here.

While it might have meant some extra cleaning time for Reeves' parents, Brooks and Julie, it also made for one heck of a memory.

Brooks, who co-founded Northwood team sponsor The Hiring Group, said, “These kids invest their hearts and souls into baseball, and after their practices, parents and coaches plan creative activities to reward these budding athletes.” 

While that reward was meant to last just for a night, the team is still reaping the benefits of celebrity. And Reeves--the one who took the pie in the face--is not complaining at all.

“We’re gonna be on TV!” said Reeves. “I got hit by the pie, but it was a fun night and our hard work paid off. We won the state championship!”

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